Introducing the Sunset Cookbook Club

At Sunset, we regularly share edible treats from our home gardens—and ovens; we argue heatedly about where to buy the best fish taco; ...

mcmccrea, margotrue

From left to right, members Margo True, Megan McCrea, Yvonne Stender, Erika Ehmsen, Andrea Minarcek, and Jessica Mordo (dearly missing: Michelle Lau and Margaret Sloan). photography by E. Spencer Toy

At Sunset, we regularly share edible treats from our home gardens—and ovens; we argue heatedly about where to buy the best fish taco; and we relish showing visitors our beloved Test Kitchen, where our food editors and recipe testers create and polish every recipe that we publish. Every now and then we have full-blown potlucks, too.

We also love cookbooks, and we often share recipes. So it seemed only natural to take it online. With that idea, the Sunset Cookbook Club was born.

Each month, we will choose one or more inspiring cookbooks by Western authors and we’ll…cook the books! A group of Sunset staffers will each make one recipe, then share his or her results here, on Westphoria. It’s a virtual potluck—and we’re inviting you to join the table. Try the recipes and tell us what you think! (And if you like other recipes from the book, let us know which—we’re always hungry for good stuff.)

Since November is Thanksgiving season, we chose Deborah Madison’s freshly revised New Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. This gorgeous tome expanded the horizons of all cooks when it was published in 1997; not even carnivores could resist Madison’s simple, brilliant flavor combinations and intriguing yet sensible techniques. Our zeal for vegetables has only grown over the ensuing years, making this book—with hundreds of new recipes—more relevant than ever. And it is a fabulous source of Thanksgiving sides. To see our picks and get a taste of Madison’s book, read on.

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