Sunglow Family Restaurant ― Bicknell, Utah

Sunglow Apple-Lemon Pie

A pie queen’s Apple-Lemon creation

The Pie Queen of Wayne County – that’s what they called Cula Ekker, who turned out mysterious and magnificent creations for more than 25 years at the former Sunglow Cafe in central Utah, near the gateway to Capitol Reef National Park. Pinto bean pie. Sweet pickle pie. Buttermilk pie. Oatmeal pie. More traditional fruit pies too. Ekker still visits what’s now named the Sunglow Family Restaurant regularly to make sure the recipes – faithfully reproduced by new owner Patty Krause – meet her standards.

Was it hard to follow in Ekker’s footsteps? “At first I thought, ‘I’ll never get this,'” Krause remembers. “But Cula came every day at first and helped me. Four years later, I guess I’ve perfected it. What makes the pies especially good is the crust. Lard is the secret” (see Sunglow Pie Pastry recipe).

Sunglow Family Restaurant; Closed Sun.; 91 E. Main St., Bicknell, Bicknell, Utah; (435) 425-3701.

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