Roasting vegetables


Starting oven temperature: 500° to 450°

 SizeTimeDoneness test
Beets2 to 2½ in.1 to 1½ hr.Give when pressed
Bell peppers6 to 8 oz.½ to 1 hr.Black spots, collapsed
Chilies3 to 6 oz.½ to 1 hr.Black spots, collapsed
Corn6 to 8 in.20 to 30 min.Husks slightly charred
Eggplant1 to 2 in. thick1 to 1½ hr.Very soft when pressed
Garlic heads2 to 3 oz.About 1 hr.Soft when pressed
Onions6 to 8 oz.1½ to 1½ hr.Give when pressed
Potatoes6 to 8 oz.1½ to 1½ hr.Give when pressed
Sweet potatoes6 to 8 oz.1 to 1½ hr.Give when pressed
Tomatoes, Roma3 to 4 oz¾ to 1 hr.Black spots, soft when pressed

1. Rinse or scrub vegetables, as appropriate, but do not peel. Pierce eggplant, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

2. Set vegetables slightly apart in a shallow rimmed pan (or pans).

3. Push pan to center or back of oven. Leave door open until temperature drops to 350°, then close door. Check in 5 minutes; if above 400°, open door and let cool to 350°. Close door, then check every 30 minutes.

4. Remove vegetables as cooked. Peel beets. Pull skins, stems, and seeds from peppers and chilies. Pull husks and silks from corn. Cut stems from eggplant. Cut tops off garlic heads and squeeze out pulp. Peel onions. Slit open potatoes and sweet potatoes. Pull off tomato skins and cut out cores. Season vegetables to taste with salt, pepper, and olive oil or butter.

Project: Sunset’s classic adobe oven

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