S'mores and more: Beef or Chicken Satay, Camp Pad Thai, Camp Scrambles, and great subs

Recipes for around the campfire

Twist on a classic
Everyone loves the classic s’mores of childhood. But now that we’re older and have the patience to toast our marshmallows to a perfectly crisp, tan shell and gooey interior (no carbonized sugar lumps for us, please), we decided to sandwich them with these updated combinations.

Black forest: Chocolate wafer cookies and cherry jam

The Elvis: Peanut-butter sandwich cookies (twist cookies into two halves), dark or milk chocolate, and sliced bananas

Gianduja: Gaufrette, wafer, or pizelle-style cookies and chocolate-hazelnut spread (Nutella)

Lemon meringue pie: Shortbread cookies and lemon curd

Neoclassic: Digestive biscuits and squares of bittersweet chocolate

Piña colada: Coconut cookies and grilled slices of fresh pineapple

Prefab: Purchased chocolate-topped butter cookies (such as Petit Ecolier)

Thin mint: Chocolate wafer cookies and thin after-dinner mints (such as After Eight)

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