A native of France moves to California

Tarragon Pesto and Pear Melt

Hilary Rinaldi runs Cherry Creek Herbs in Atascadero, California, with four other beings ― two human, two canine. She has a degree in horticulture and 15 years of experience working with plants, so the thought of growing certified organic tarragon in the United States ― offering a source outside of France ― was just the thing that would appeal to her. Plus, Rinaldi loves tarragon: “We never get tired of it. You can put it in anything.”

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Try tarragon warmed in a little butter and poured over chicken or fish. You can also use it instead of basil in pesto, as in this recipe we adapted from Rinaldi. This melt is great as an appetizer or part of a light summer lunch. Order fresh or dried tarragon from www.tarragoncentral.com.

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