Slide a whole salmon fillet onto the grill, along with vegetable skewers. You'll have enough left over for salads, sandwiches, and more

Grilled Salmon with Charmoula

Even if it’s just two of you this weekend ― or just you and the kids ― try this recipe; you won’t regret having extra.

A whole side of salmon is slathered with the lemony, zesty Moroccan marinade called charmoula, which penetrates deep into the fish. More charmoula goes on cubed-up zucchini and peppers for vegetable skewers, which go on the grill right next to the fish.

Same salmon, whole new dish

The leftover salmon and vegetables are wonderful as a salad. Just shred some of the salmon, add an equal amount of diced leftover vegetables, add some chopped sweet onion and chopped ripe tomato, sprinkle with salt to taste, and toss gently together. Eat with good rough-textured bread.

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