Find a new weeknight favorite, like Penne with Chicken, Peppers, and Zucchini
End of summer pasta
Dan Goldberg

What would we do without pasta? It’s fast, filling, tasty, and kid-friendly ― the perfect choice for a quick meal. Toss in some fresh ingredients like sweet corn and bacon or red peppers and salmon, and you’ve take care of dinner.

End-of-summer pasta
Reader Lea Black created this recipe to satisfy a late-pregnancy craving for grilled chicken and pasta. Plenty of fresh zucchini and red peppers gets the veggies in, too. To save time, marinate the chicken overnight.

Shrimp and pasta with creamy pesto sauce
Recipe author Nancy Stringer uses frozen cooked shrimp and prepared pesto for this easy-to-assemble dish. To thaw shrimp quickly, place under cold running water for five minutes.

Pasta shells with fresh corn and bacon
We find the combination of sweet corn and salty bacon irresistible in this creamy dish ― comfort food at its best.

Red pepper and salmon pasta
Kitchen Assistant users on give this recipe a 5-star rating. If you wish, you can substitute ½ cup chopped roasted, peeled red peppers for the canned peppers.

Orichette with chèvre, peas, and mint
This pasta dish comes from Wildwood Restaurant & Bar in Portland, Oregon. As a variation, use fromage blanc instead of chèvre (goat) cheese. For a creamier dish, stir in more hot broth.

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