10 Gorgeous Cheese Boards

From wood to marble, agate to brass, match the board to the occasion (and cheese)

Allison Young
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Straight & Narrow

Long, lean, and statuesque, this 36-inch long collage of acacia wood is more party plank than mere cheese board. Dress it up with fashionable fromages and small bites—perhaps manchego and gorgonzola dolce with flourishes of dried apricots, honeycomb, and dark chocolate—and watch party guests flock to it.
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Pencil Us In

This cheese board makes a statement. Not only does creamy-colored cheese pop against the dark slate, but also it comes with soapstone pencils so you can label each cheese and even country of origin (Amadeus comes from Austria, naturally). Even the knife, hand-carved in Vermont from locally sourced maple, adds impact.
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Rustic Elegance

There is something rustically regal about cheese, turning mere milk into something magical. This board follows suit. Teak’s natural flowy grains are the perfect pedestal for cheese. Opt for a trio of goat, cow, and sheep’s milk—even better if they’re from a local creamery.
4 / 10

Work of Art

This sleek serving slab is more than meets the eye. What looks like an abstract watercolor is actually petrified wood, a fossil formed over time when cells of the bark are replaced with minerals, for a nature-made work of art, each unique. Top with a beautiful blue cheese and Humboldt fog.
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Date Night

Perfect for a romantic party of two, this two-tone marble cheese board elevates any fixings (literally). Yes, even sharp cheddar looks chic against the swank stone backdrop, plus it stands on copper feet for added height. Pair cheese with cherries, dried figs, nuts, olives, and red wine for a sexy night in.
6 / 10

Modern Marble

Part cheese board, part minimalist art sculpture, white and gray marble and green aventurine stone fit together in a geometric pattern joined by steel seams for a classic yet modern serving plate. Top it with a circle of Brie, a wedge of Gruyère, and chunk of cheddar for graphic appeal.
7 / 10

Slice of Deliciousness

Artisan cheese isn’t made overnight, and neither is this agate platter. Formed in the earth over time and gleaned to a lustrous finish by artisans in Brazil, its naturally ringed pattern serves as a dramatic backdrop and echoes just how nuanced cheese really is. Respect!
8 / 10

Handled with Care

This cheese board is a true labor of love. Handcrafted in a family-owned woodshop in Tunisia, artisans source only sustainable wood from olive trees no longer bearing fruit. Each piece is hand-carved, sanded, and polished to bring out the beautiful grain patterns and no two are alike.
9 / 10

Wonder Wheel

Whether you’re hosting a girl’s night or having the in-laws over, this simple yet stunning board delivers. Handmade by master craftsman Chaïm Factor in Ireland, the combo of Irish sycamore and walnut create a subtle pattern on the front and detailed feet on the bottom make it stand out even more. Available in two sizes.
10 / 10

Simple Sophistication

When you have fine cheese, say a Brie de Meaux or an aged gouda, you want a fancy board to show it off. Made of thick-cut polished marble with smooth rounded edges and a modern brass handle, this posh paddle does the trick.