Get lifted—or maybe even a tiny bit lit; we’re not judging—with two of John Legend’s favorite cocktail recipes

LVE Fizz
Courtesy of Jefte Sanchez for The Social Sip

Ordinary people drink ordinary things. Shake it up this summer with these glamorous cocktails made from recipes invented by John Legend himself. (We know—is there nothing that man cannot do?)

Can we promise that Chrissy Teigen will stop by your garden party if you serve these drinks? No. No we cannot. But we do promise that your get-together will feel more like the kind of soirée that attracts endlessly talented and impossibly stylish people. Plus, everyone will be talking about how good the cocktails are.

If you like a touch of citrus, try this LVE 75 cocktail, which is based on the recipe for a French 75. That tipple is usually made with gin, but vodka works just as well. We think the orange liquor adds a bit of soul to the old classic. 

Recipe: LVE 75

Refreshingly tart, the fruity LVE Fizz jazzes up cocktail hour. LVE French Sparkling Rose is the not-so-secret ingredient here, too.

Recipe: LVE Fizz

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