Eat Fresh, Day 3: The Crock Pot Saved Me.

Who: Johanna, associate garden editor This year, I’m determined to: Eat veggies, not sugar and wheat.  I chose this because: Veg...


I don’t know Clive, but I like his style.

Who: Johanna, associate garden editorThis year, I’m determined to: Eat veggies, not sugar and wheat. I chose this because: Vegetables are healthier than croissants.So far, the challenge is going: Easy peasy thanks to the giant Crock-Pot curry I made on Sunday. I’m still eating my way through it.My biggest temptation to cheat: Working at Sunset. Coping mechanism(s): Cheating just a little.A recipe I’m really digging: So it’s not Sunset, but it’s from Cooking Light, so that’s keeping it in the family, right? This is the slow cooker curry that saved me.Follow us! Twitter @johanna_silver. Instagram @jojosilver. Show us your #SunsetEatFresh challenges, too, on FB/Twitter/Insta.