9 Favorite Coffee Mugs to Start Your Day off Right

Sip your morning coffee (or tea!) in style with these cool handcrafted mugs

Alejandra Bennett
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Carpe Diem

What better way to start your Monday morning than with a cuppa joe in a pretty mug? This decaled stoneware mug is available in two colors: blue with a reminder to be happy, and pink with a reminder to be fabulous. Carpe diem, indeed!
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On Your Journey

Are you a romantic, a dreamer, or an adventurer? Take your pick from these lovely stoneware mugs. No matter which one you choose, each features a compass painted at the bottom of the mug, helping to set the tone for a great week ahead.
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Lovely Day

A heart-shaped ceramic mug to remind you on the daily that you are loved and to practice self-love, too. In a fun blush pink that will be quick to put a smile on your face, this mug is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.
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Better with Avocados

No matter what side of the bed you wake up on, this oversized mug is sure to be a day-booster. This mug features a fun, bright green avocado print, so you’ll always look forward to enjoying your morning’s hot beverage.
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Tea for Two

What’s better than tea (or coffee) for one? Tea for two, natch! With these painted porcelain mugs handcrafted by Canadian artist Edith Dourgault, you can cherish your morning cuppa with someone special.
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But First, Coffee

These beautiful, minimalist hand-thrown mugs are available in a handful of serene shades, like terracotta and blush. They’re made in Portland, Oregon by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, and you can mix and match to create a lovely earth-tone set.
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Early Riser

Designed and made in Memphis, Tennessee by Paper & Clay, this beautiful teal ombré mug is inspired by simple and useful Scandinavian design. The maker has also created a matching set with a planter and vase to complete the look.
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Wake-Up Call

For morning people who need that extra boost of color with their coffee, these vibrant and intricately detailed mugs are the perfect choice. Designed in collaboration with South African potter Anthony Shapiro, the mugs feature a geometric pattern on the exterior and a bright, solid color on the interior.
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Bright & Clear

For the coffee drinker who wants to keep things straight, this insulated glass coffee mug will quickly become a morning staple. Made of mouth-blown glass, this mug keeps drinks piping hot while the exterior remains cool, thanks to a layer of air between hand and beverage.