Best bargain wines for Thanksgiving dinner
Photo: Getty Images / Maren Caruso

Photo: Getty Images / Maren Caruso

With the election in the rearview, we can now turn our attention to the next most stressful political event of this year: Thanksgiving dinner with our relatives. If you have any hope of surviving the meal with your most treasured relationships intact, you’re going to want a glass of wine in front of you. And it may as well pair nicely with turkey, right?

Come well-stocked to your holiday meal with this three-pack of bottles, picked from our Firstleaf wine club and available for just $19.95, including shipping. (And now’s a good time to go ahead and sign up for the club, too, because Christmas dinner is just around the corner and you know what that means.)

Cantharos 2015 White WineWith fresh, lovely florals, intriguing minerality, and bright melon flavors, this Côtes de Gascogne is so sippable you’ll want a glass with the pre-dinner cheese spread and another with your plate of turkey.

Calstar Cellars 2013 Pinot NoirThis wine has the hallmarks of a good California Pinot Noir–ripe cherry, red berry fruit and warm spices–that complement everything from a well-seasoned bird to a slice of pumpkin pie.

Kitá 2012 GrenacheThis vibrant Grenache, with its bright cherry flavors and notes of cinnamon, pepper, and mocha, stands up well against the explosion of flavors at a Thanksgiving feast.

Get this special three-pack for just $19.95 (including shipping) when you sign up for the Firstleaf wine club, or take the wine quiz and get started with bottles perfectly matched to your tastes.

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