12 Tea & Coffee Gear Essentials for the Most Satisfying Cup

Step up your tea and/or coffee game with tools that will make your kitchen look professional and your brew taste sublime

Alejandra Bennett and Jessica Mordo
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Tea Time

Why use a boring old tea bag when you can steep your loose-leaf tea in a super-cute llama-shaped tea infuser? This little guy makes tea time, morning or night, way more fun. Made of BPA-free silicone, it’s perfect for your favorite tea blend.
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Your morning cup of tea just got much easier (and prettier!) with this iridescent china mug with a removable infuser. Simply add your favorite loose-leaf tea to the infuser and steep to your liking directly in the mug.
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Love You So Matcha

Make the perfect at-home iced matcha latte with this shaker, which includes a serving glass and a mesh screen.
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Just Brew It

You really can’t go wrong with any SMEG kitchen appliance. And this one is ideal for that post-dinner party cup of chamomile or if you happen to be a more-than-one-cup-of-coffee type. Made of powder-coated stainless steel and available in pink and white, the kettle boils up to 7 cups of water at once.
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Coffee with Class

Your pour-over coffee game is about to get even better. For the fancy coffee aficionado, this sleek model features a beautiful glass dripper which rests on a brass stand with an American walnut base. The stand adjusts to the height of your mug or pot.
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Crystal Clear

Keep an eye on your brew, drip by drip, with this chic glass French press from Yield. Available in clear, smoke, or amber with a copper pull, this stylish press is made of heatproof boroscilicate glass which can withstand extreme temperatures.
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The Daily Grind

Nothing beats freshly ground coffee, and with this grinder from Bellevue, WA-based Baratza, you can choose from 40 grind settings to truly become an expert on how coarse or how fine you want your grounds.
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Espresso Time

High-end coffee-shop quality cappuccinos can now be made in the comfort of your own home with this espresso maker. The machine’s 8 preprogrammed drinks include espresso, flat white, cappuccino, latte, and macchiato, among others.
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Latte Lover

Your at-home latte or cappuccino just got so much better. Nespresso’s sleek chrome Aeroccino milk frother comes with simple settings for frothed milk, from airy to dense, creating the perfect warm foam for your morning treat.
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The Cool Down

Some summer days are so hot and muggy that the only remedy is a pitcher of cold iced tea. Look no further than this stylish minimalist pitcher, which will dress up even the most casual backyard hang-out.
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If you're a coffee lover who wants to do it all, and who doesn’t have a whole lot of kitchen counter space, why choose between separate countertop appliances? This three-in-one device allows you to make French press, pour-over, and cold brew; the glass vessel is sleek to behold and easy to clean. Now your biggest problem will be what style of coffee to make on a given day.
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A Smarter Sip

Smart technology comes to the teahouse with this mug that keeps your English breakfast (or coffee) consistently toasty warm at your desired temperature. Sitting with your drink for a spell? Keep your mug resting in the battery-powered base to ensure the warmth stays in check. Want to take it to go? The Ember comes in a travel mug version, powered by a portable battery (although it won’t stay warm for as long as the desktop version). Originally available in white, we love the newer matte black finish for its neo-noir vibe.