The West is wine country

The West is home to the country's best wine regions. Explore them all and taste their best offerings, from the cult cabs of Napa to the Pinots of Willamette Valley

Wine Country Face-Off results

You voted, we counted: See which of these rivaling wine regions our readers would rather visit

Walla Walla, Washington

Northwest: Willamette Valley vs. Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington
Pack your sense of adventure and a real love for wine as you explore Eastern Washington. Once the wild, wild West of regions, it's now tamed with cult Syrahs and Euro winemakers. Stop and sip Grenache at Maison Bleue Family Winery in Prosser, Merlot at Cooper in Red Mountain, and a single-vineyard Syrah at Dunham Cellars in Walla Walla.

Northwest Reader Winner   



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