The West is wine country

The West is home to the country's best wine regions. Explore them all and taste their best offerings, from the cult cabs of Napa to the Pinots of Willamette Valley

Wine Country Face-Off results

You voted, we counted: See which of these rivaling wine regions our readers would rather visit

Truchard Vineyard
Photo courtesy of Truchard Vineyard

Northern California: Napa vs. Sonoma

Napa Valley
Each year about 4 million visitors ply the vineyard-dense Napa Valley to sip Cabernet, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, and rest their light heads in luxury hotels. And while Napa's blockbuster reds are indeed legendary (Screaming Eagle, Shafer, Sloan), there’s more to the region than pretty cult Cab. Think peppery Turley Zinfandel, Paloma’s rich Merlots, and ethereal Sauvignon Blancs from Randy Mason too.


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