Where to learn

Organizations offer online resources and list certified schools; schools in California, Hawaii, and Washington offer classes

Sail away

Two organizations offer online resources and list certified schools: the nonprofit US Sailing and the American Sailing Association.

Most gear will be provided by the school; bring your own sunglasses and hat, and straps to keep both on in windy conditions. Sailing gloves protect your hands, and white rubber-soled shoes keep you from slipping. Wear plenty of sunscreen.

OCSC Sailing-San Francisco Bay $790 for a 40-hour course. 800/223-2984.

Honolulu Sailing Co. $445 for an 8-hour course. 800/829-0114.

United States Sailing Center $900 for a 48-hour course. 562/433-7939.

Windworks Sailing Center. $640 for a 24-hour course. 206/784-9386.

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