The West's best food towns

Whose food scene reigns supreme? Check out the winners of our 4 regional food town smackdowns

Boulder vs. Denver food fight

Two Rocky Mountain titans duke it out for the title of best food city

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Boulder: Obsession factor

Boulder: Obsession factor

We take a Darwinian view: If a restaurant isn’t good, it deservedly dies. Bloggers keep the conversation timely, from freewheeling Use Real Butter to the hilariously snarky Kitchen Witch to thoughtfully comprehensive Culinary Colorado. Blogger Elana Amsterdam ( has penned 2 cookbooks too: The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and Gluten-Free Cupcakes (pictured, strawberry). Super-fit Boulder­ites (70-some Olympians included) make healthy fare rule.

Score: 7


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