The West's best food towns

Whose food scene reigns supreme? Check out the winners of our 4 regional food town smackdowns

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles food fight

Two West Coast titans duke it out for the title of best food city

San Francisco: Smug factor
Photo by Mascarucci

San Francisco: Smug factor

In a city where the average preschooler can ID six varietals of peaches, world weariness sets in prior to puberty. Then come menus saddled with more des­­criptors than The Origin of Species (“oven-roasted, saba-marinated James Ranch lamb loin with organic Chino Ranch Green Tiger tomatoes”) and waiters nervy enough to correct your pronunciation of guanciale (pictured). All right already! You know it means pork-jowl bacon; you’ve been sight-reading the word since the second grade.

Score: –8


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