The West's best food towns

Whose food scene reigns supreme? Check out the winners of our 4 regional food town smackdowns

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles food fight

Two West Coast titans duke it out for the title of best food city

San Francisco: Obsession factor
Photo by Ebbe Roe Yovino-Smith

San Francisco: Obsession factor

We’ve got paparazzi too. They’re food-ographers with iPhones who treat the cavatelli with braised lamb at Cotogna as if it were one of the Kardashians. Food blogging? It’s the bane of office bosses, the scourge of local workplace productivity. And when a Twitter feed goes out from the Curry Up Now trucks, legions of 9-to-5ers leave behind their “duties” and dash into the street for a chicken tikka masala burrito that’s brilliant enough to melt their teeth.

Score: 9


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