Best hotels in the West

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20 most unique hotels in the West

Try an overnight in a treehouse, a vintage trailer, a hanging orb, and more unusual sleeps

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Shady Dell
Photo by David Fenton; written by Jennie Nunn

Shady Dell, Bisbee, AZ

Think of Lucille Ball in The Long, Long Trailer, and you’ll get the picture of the Shady Dell—a vintage aluminum-trailer park revamped into an inn, within the equally throwback town of Bisbee. Choose among nine fully furnished trailers, includ- ing a polished shiny 1949 Airstream dubbed the Bridal Suite because it displays black-and-white wedding albums; the 1959 Boles Aero (pictured), with a gold-flecked starburst pattern on its walls; and a tiki bus decked out in Polynesian fantasy. Happy hour here is like a tail-gate party, with new friends and croquet on the artificial-turf patio. The Dell’s itty-bitty Dot’s Diner ($; closed Wed–Thu) is itself worth a trip for burgers, milkshakes, and house-made cherry pie. From $45; or 520/432-3567


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