Best hotels in the West

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20 most unique hotels in the West

Try an overnight in a treehouse, a vintage trailer, a hanging orb, and more unusual sleeps

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Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast
Photo courtesy of Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast; written by Katie Arnold

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast, Farmington, NM

Carved into the side of a sandstone cliff, Kokopelli's Cave Bed &; Breakfast> is a fully furnished grotto, 70 feet underground. A narrow trail winds down from the mesa top to the 1,650-square-foot cave, which geologist-owner Bruce Black blasted out in the 1980s and opened a decade later. The decor is nothing fancy (think college dorm room meets the Flintstones) until you realize you're in a subterranean guesthouse, where anything that couldn't be carried in--hello, fridge!--had to be winched over the cliff face. The waterfall shower is a nice touch, but the biggest draw is the view of the La Plata River, 300 feet below, and the craggy spires of Shiprock on the horizon. Mar - Nov; from $260, including breakfast;


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