Best hotels in the West

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20 most unique hotels in the West

Try an overnight in a treehouse, a vintage trailer, a hanging orb, and more unusual sleeps

Hotel Endémico
Photo by Luis Garcia

Hotel Endémico, Baja, Mexico

Hotel Endémico’s modular bungalows are a sleek departure from Baja’s über-resorts. Scattered across a hillside in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe, the 20 cabins sit in the heart of an upcoming wine country, where the warm, dry climate produces fascinating wines like Tempranillo. Sip one by the kiva on your private terrace, strategically placed to soak up the views. That is, when you’re not at the pool, taking a cooking class, or learning how to make your own wine. From $200 U.S.; 90 minutes south of San Diego; call the hotel to arrange car service;


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