Top 10 warm-weather Thanksgiving getaways

Take away all the food, family, and football, and what is Thanksgiving, really? Four full days. We suggest you use them wisely––and warmly

Rancho Pescadero
Photo by Jay Graham

1. Rancho Pescadero

An hour north of the carnivalesque crowds in Cabo, Rancho Pescadero is the Baja beauty that steals our hearts over and over again. Turkey Day here is all about downward dog in the glossy yoga pavillion, following sea turtle tracks on the deserted beach, and sun-soaked dozing by the pool. Throw in the hosted Fiesta al Fresco in the garden–where plain old gravy and mashed give way to a mariachi-serenaded spread of epazote-spiced turkey and fresh veggies from the garden–and the thanks will be flowing. A slew of new suites means you and your pals can have the run of the place, and on your third poolside margarita, you'll turn to them and slur: "You guys are like, the best family I've ever had." From $185 U.S.


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