Top 10 tea houses

Where East meets West over tea

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Téance owner Minnie Yu pours a whole-leaf white tea from China 

Jen Siska

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1. Téance
This serene tea bar is part of a movement of teahouses introducing the ancient tradition of tea to grande-latte-with-whipped-cream drinkers. And it's enough to convince a coffee addict to give tea a chance. Tastings from $7.50; or 510/524-2832.

2. Red Blossom Tea Company
 San Francisco
Although it’s a shop only―no tea served―it’s worth a stop to stock up on the high-quality Chinese teas, which have been sold to the likes of Charlie Trotter’s restaurants and the Westin St. Francis. or 415/395-0868.

3. Miro Tea
This modern tea shop, which also serves food, opened in August last year in Seattle’s historic Ballard neighborhood and offers an extensive selection of teas, from rare pu-erhs to competition-grade Dragonwell green tea. Check out the shop’s informative blog. $; or 206/782-6832.

4. The Tao of Tea
Its two shops offer an extensive and sophisticated selection of Asian teas. There’s also a Tao tea bar in a Whole Foods Market (7380 S.W. Bridgeport Rd., Tigard, OR). $;, 503/736-0119 (3430 S.E. Belmont St.), or 503/ 224-8455 (239 N.W. Everett St.).


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