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Nursery hopping in Phoenix

Thomas J. Story Nursery hopping in Phoenix
Spring in Phoenix is prime time for nursery shopping

Why go in spring: April is prime time for nursery hopping, plus you’ll still beat the heat.

Perennial favorite: Founded in 1938, family-run Berridge Nurseries (4647 E. Camelback Rd.; or 602/952-8080) is a beloved Arcadia neighborhood go-to spot for hundreds of varieties of roses and aridregion plants.

There’s more: A rambling greenhouse is crammed with flowering houseplants; look for garden furniture and accessories throughout the nursery.

Mark your calendar: On April 18, Berridge hosts Art in the Garden, a day of gardening exhibits and cooking demos.

Just breathe: Arcadia, near Camelback Mountain, is dotted with old orange and grapefruit groves; April is usually peak bloom time.

Or get your heart rate up: Hike up Camelback Mountain’s strenuous Summit Trail (1.2 miles one way; for city vistas; the Echo Canyon Parkway trailhead is a fourminute drive from Berridge.


  • Dress up your backyard:
    Browse On the Veranda’s sprawling warehouse, filled with Euro-style garden furniture, antiques, containers, arbors, and pedestals. Get ideas for outdoor dining pavilions from detailed vignettes. Closed Sun; 4748 E. Indian School Rd.; 602/955-8690.
  • Take time to Refuel:
    At Over Easy, chef Aaron May puts a gourmet spin on the breakfast diner. Dig into toasted brioche with spinach, fried egg, and bacon, washed down with cinnamon- and cardamom- spiked iced coffee. $; 4031 N. 40th St.; 602/468-3447.
  • Shop for the Arcadia look:
    Overstuffed sofas, burlap and linen light fixtures, garden furniture, and even stylish hostess aprons give the Willows Home & Garden a sleek, slouchy-French vibe. Closed Sun; 3743 E. Indian School Rd.; 602/334-1345.
  • Get your culture fix:
    Stroll the sculpture garden at Shemer Art Center and Museum, a 1919 Arcadia estate transformed into a city arts facility. You’ll see work by Arizona artists, not to mention killer views of Camelback Mountain. Closed Sun; free; 5005 E. Camelback Rd.;