Courtesy of Xanterra Parks and Resort

Great breakfasts, home cooking, and Western fare

Inside the Park

Arizona Room. In the Bright Angel Lodge, grilled specialties and a relaxed Western atmosphere. Xanterra Parks & Resorts;  or (888) 297-2757.

Bright Angel Restaurant. In Bright Angel Lodge, good for breakfast. Xanterra Parks & Resorts;  or (888) 297-2757.

El Tovar Dining Room. In the historic hotel, the South Rim's class act, thanks to its setting and gourmet menu. Dinner reservations recommended Xanterra Parks & Resorts; (928) 638-2631.

Maswik Cafeteria. At Maswik Lodge, no-frills fare. Xanterra Parks & Resorts;  or (888) 297-2757.

Outside the Park

Williams, AZ

Pine Country Restaurant. Home cooking.  107 N. Grand Canyon Blvd.; (928) 635-9718.

Rod's Steak House. Classic Route 66 eatery, opened in 1946.  301 E. Route 66; (928) 635-2671.

Twisters Soda Fountain. Cute '50s-style cafe.  417 E. Route 66; (928) 635-0266.