Raft the Colorado River

Courtesy of Forever Resorts
Paddling through the Grand Canyon is one of the great adventures you can have in your lifetime

Rafting the Colorado River is a memory you'll never forget. Trips range from 1-day excursions (on a portion of the river just outside the park) to 18 day trips through the entire canyon.


Smooth Water Raft Trips. Half-day and all-day trips on the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry are provided by Colorado River Discovery, LLC. Trips begin at Page, Arizona, a drive of 140 miles from the South Rim. 888/522-6644; raftthecanyon.com.

The following concessioners have been permitted to operate in Grand Canyon by the National Park Service; nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/river-concessioners.htm.

Aramark-Wilderness River Adventures. riveradventures.com; 800/992-8022.

Arizona Raft Adventures, Inc./Grand Canyon Discovery, Inc. azraft.com; 800/786-7328.

Canyon Explorations/Canyon Expeditions. canyonexplorations.com; 800/654-0723.

Canyoneers, Inc. canyoneers.com; 800/525-0924.

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions, Inc. crateinc.com; 800/253-7328.

Diamond River Adventures, Inc. diamondriver.com; 800/343-3121.

Grand Canyon Dories. grandcanyondories.com; 800/877-3679.

Grand Canyon Expeditions Company. gcex.com; 800/544-2691.

Hatch River Expeditions, Inc. hatchriverexpeditions.com; 800/856-8966.

Moki Mac River Expeditions, Inc. mokimac.com; 800/284-7280.

O.A.R.S. oars.com; 800/346-6277.

Outdoors Unlimited River Trips. outdoorsunlimited.com; 800/637-7238.

Tour West, Inc. twriver.com; 800/453-9107.

Western River Expeditions, Inc. westernriver.com; 800/453-7450.

The Grand Canyon Field Institute offers terrific programs that include classes in photography, natural history, and guided multi-day backpacking trips into the canyon. grandcanyon.org/fieldinstitute

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