Your Best One Day at the Grand Canyon

Courtesy of Xanterra Parks & Resorts
Grand Canyon's vastness condensed down to the five most essential must-do's of the park

Breakfast at El Tovar Hotel. Treat yourself to a Southwestern style breakfast of blue corn pancakes with prickly pear syrup amid the dining room’s Native American murals. (See Grand Canyon restaurants.)

Hike the Bright Angel Trail.
Just a mile or two, then head back up. (See Best hikes.)

Shop For Native American Crafts.
Hopi House has a large selection of items including baskets, pottery, and Navajo blankets.

Take a ranger-led walk.
The park offers ranger-led walks and talks on topics including geology, Native American history, and natural history.

Road Trip to Desert View.
From Grand Canyon Village, it’s 25 miles to the Watchtower, a masterpiece by Southwest architect Mary Jane Colter. Climb to the top for Colorado River views and to see historic murals by Hopi painter Fred Kabotie.

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