A new view

Jeremy Harris
For desert serenity, head out on this Scottsdale trail

The 4.8-mile Sunrise Trail and its easternmost trailhead, completed in spring, are the latest additions to the 36,400-acre McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

The first half of the trail rises quickly through lush desert and boulders to a view-grabbing ridge; a short spur leads to the 3,069-foot summit for sweeping, 360° vistas of mountains and Phoenix high-rises. ―Nora Burba Trulsson

INFO: Sunrise Trailhead (www.scottsdaleaz.gov/preserve or 480/312-7013) is at 145th Way and Via Linda. Contact the McDowell Sonoran Land Trust (www.mslt.org or 480/998-7971) for a schedule of free guided hikes.

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