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Taste Arizona's most refined Mexican food
Photo by Alex Landeen

Taste Arizona's most refined Mexican food

If subbing corn for wheat tortillas is your idea of stepping it up at the corner taco joint, it's time for a meal at Cafe Poca Cosa. Chef Suzana Davila's soulful homage to regional Mexican cooking—that's shorthand for the 98 percent of a cuisine that rarely makes it north of the border to your local taqueria—is the best restaurant in Tucson, and perhaps the entire Southwest. We're talking complex sauces like the smoky-tangy Oaxacan mole, whose ingredients you can't quite put your finger on, but never mind because, oh look, here comes corn-sweetened tamale pie topped with spicy curried carrots and Yucatan-style fish cradled in steamed banana leaves. Or dark chocolate mousse infused with cinnamon shavings. The menu changes twice a day. The quality and creativity, never.

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