Seeing green in Springville

Immerse yourself in color, both natural and manmade, in a blooming Utah town

Jenny Skoy

Ginger's Garden Cafe Stop in for salad made with local berries, or a slice of super-healthy pizza on flaxseed crust. INFO: $; closed Sun; in Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop, 188 S. Main St.; 801/489-4500.

Art City Trolley Restaurant At this cafe attached to a once-abandoned 1931 trolley car, get the best fries in town (they're fresh-cut and come by "one potato, two, or three"). INFO: $; closed Sun; 256 N. Main; 801/489-8585.


Diamond's Greenhouse Buy some spring color to go. Or choose from 15 varieties of tomatoes to plant now. INFO: Closed Sun; 643 Houtz Ave.; 801/489-5561.

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