Haunting in fall

James Boone
Tour Denver's grande dame of graveyards for history and mystery

You won't be alone this month if you visit Fairmount, Denver's burial ground for pioneer aristocracy: Fall is cemetery-touring season.

More than 100 curious visitors arrive on Saturday, October 29, for the annual Tombstone Tour of Fairmount Cemetery, a three-hour walking tour led by costumed guides. To prowl Fairmount alone (you brave soul), pick up a self-guided tour pamphlet. ―Carolyn Sutton

INFO: Fairmount Cemetery (tour booklets $5; 430 S. Quebec St.; www.fairmountcemetery.net or 303/399-0692); Colorado Historical Society Tombstone Tour (1-4 p.m. Oct 29; $25 members, $35 nonmembers; reservations required; www.coloradohistory.org or 303/866-4686)

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