Glacier National Park guide

Relax, play, and discover unforgettable beauty in this magical Montana park

Amazing week in Montana's Glacier National Park

1 week + 1 scenic route = 7 amazing moments

View of Hidden Lake from Logan Pass
Photo by Andrea M. Gómez

Stop 7: Explore the trails

On my last day in the park, I hike in search of glaciers. At the start, I have ice on my mind. But I get distracted by everything that comes before it. The way the sun warms the mountainsides. The dazzle of wildflowers—purple asters, glacier lilies, paintbrush.

I snap photos, knowing that when I show them to friends, they’ll still say it’s too beautiful to be true. They will, in fact, say that of every photo I’ve taken here. So insist: It’s really like this. Insist that when they visit Glacier, it should be for a month.

Pictured: View of Hidden Lake from Logan Pass


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