Glacier National Park guide

Relax, play, and discover unforgettable beauty in this magical Montana park

Amazing week in Montana's Glacier National Park

1 week + 1 scenic route = 7 amazing moments

Driving in Glacier National Park
Photo by Andrea M. Gómez

Stop 3: Going-to-the-Sun

The 50-mile east-west road across the park is the preferred introduction to Glacier, the one park experience everyone must have. That doesn’t mean driving up the Rockies and then down is a piece of cake.

The park service FAQ I read is straightforward: How scary and creepy is it to drive Going-to-the-Sun Road? Not creepy, I think, trying not to peer over the road’s edge—but scary, yeah. This two-lane road was cut from the mountains by imported Russian stonemasons, by engineers dangling over 1,000-foot cliffs. How did they do it? Why am I driving it?

Then, after the third switchback, I begin to forget to be afraid. On a slope, something regally horned: a bighorn sheep. Below, the entire North American continent.


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