Your best one day in Glacier

Courtesy Montana Office of Tourism
Our editors must-do highlights for an adventure-packed stay

Breakfast at Lake McDonald Lodge
Like the lake it sits on, Lake McDonald Lodge is lovely in a cozy, approachable way. Breakfast is served in the Russell’s Fireside Dining Room, decorated with hunting trophies and rough-hewn western red cedar wood beams that recall this building’s hunting lodge origins. (406/892-2525 or

Drive Going-to-the-Sun Road
Wind along the breath-snatching Going-to-the-Sun Road, a geological triptych past hanging valleys, waterfalls, cirques, and cloud-piercing mountains including Heavy Runner, Clements, and Bishop’s Cap.

Two Medicine Lake cruise and hike
Board a boat to cruise 45 minutes along Two Medicine Lake, shadowed by 9,513-foot Rising Wolf Mountain. (406/892-2525 or

Dinner at Johnson’s cafe
Have lunch at Johnson’s café, open since 1951, just outside the park in Saint Mary. Open summers, the cafe is known for family-style meals of homemade soup, and fried chicken. 888/778-6279 or

Return to Lake McDonald Lodge
Enjoy a frosty pint of Montana micro-brew in the Stockade Lounge.

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