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99 of the West's best pets

Our pets enjoy living here as much as we do. See why in these photos from our Facebook fans

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Cute pet photos
Photo courtesy of Facebook fan A. Nitram


Sophia is a Bengal cat. Bengals are high-energy and athletic. Her favorite game is catch the ponytail scrunchy. I shoot it in the air and she leaps straight up 5 feet off the ground, catches it in her paws and transfers it to her mouth before she hits the ground. Then she returns it to me, lightning fast, and resumes her position for the next one. She can do this for hours.

She also loves to “hide” behind a rumple in the comforter on the bed and then jump straight up in the air, often flipping head-over-tail to catch the scrunchy. Then she just brings it to the edge of the bed and goes back to her “hiding” spot.

She also like to ambush me when I walk in a room by pouncing, standing on her hind legs, boxing my calf with a 1-2 punch (wap, wap with her paws) and then running off to hide. ― A. Nitram


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