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Our pets enjoy living here as much as we do. See why in these photos from our Facebook fans

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Cute pet photos
Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Laurel Shimer


I never knew how sweet a bird could be. This chicken is part of a flock of 9 in my neighbor's yard. My little neighbor boy named her after me because we both have reddish hair.

Laurel Chicken flies the coop most every day and comes to spend the day in my yard. I save the tastier bits of my compost bowl for her. At one point I found a nest under my redwood tree with 10 eggs. Seven were still good, and I made delicious pear souffle.

She has since made a roost behind my back door, and I just have to look through the sliding glass for my (almost) daily egg. She is also very nice about removing slugs and snails from my yard. She makes very tender noises when I go outside and when I carry her home.

We both live in Menlo Park, CA, where yes, I do enjoy a regular walk to Sunset. Laurel Chicken does not accompany me. ― Laurel Shimer


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