48 wonders of the West

These national monuments and other treasures will make you fall in love with the West all over again

Top 9 National Monuments

Build a great vacation around a spectacular island, forest, cliff dwelling, canyon, fossil bed, tower, or volcano

National monuments: Bandelier, NM

10 top national monuments in the West

Bandelier National Monument, NM

Bandelier has been entrancing people for nearly 1000 years—from when the Ancestral Pueblo people first began building homes in the cliffs of Frijoles Canyon.

They’re easily seen on the monument’s Main Loop Trail; more ruins can be glimpsed in Tsankawi Canyon to the north.

But archeology isn’t the only reason to come here—the monument is stunningly beautiful, with dramatic mesas and broad views across Northern New Mexico. All this only a 45-minute drive from Santa Fe. More


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