Get started with sailing

If you’ve never sailed before, or it’s been awhile, we recommend easing into it slowly––like on a no-experience-necessary daysail.

Important lessons
Photo by James Carrière; written by Jeffrey Davis

Important lessons

Basic boat handling: “A lot of people taking lessons have never been on a boat, much less sailed. So we show them how to handle a sailboat under power—how fast to go, how to steer, and how to stop. You need a good departure and return every time you sail.” –Anthony Sandberg, president, OCSC Sailing (, Berkeley

Communication: “Good sailors are good talkers—whether they’re receiving an instruction, giving one, or don’t understand something and need a quick answer. Sailing is a team sport. Everyone onboard must know what’s going on.” –Scott Pittrof, Program Director, Windworks Sailing & Powerboating (, Seattle

Fun: Not exactly a skill, but important. “Sailing can be a little scary for newcomers, but you’re not going to learn much if you’re not having fun on the water. Folks who are enjoying themselves are the ones who move up the fastest.” –Wayne Zittel, president and instructor, J/World Sailing (, San Diego and San Francisco

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