Skiing in the West

Our favorite places to go skiing, from Tahoe to Telluride--plus some secret tips to take with you to the slopes

10 reasons to try skiing this season

Think skiing’s too cold, too crowded, too expensive? These solutions will have you itching to hit the slopes this season

A pedigreed teacher
Photo by Lisa Romerein; written by Rachel Levin

A pedigreed teacher

The excuse: “I hate group lessons.”

Solution: Book a private instructor to the stars.

Whom you’re assigned as a ski instructor is often the luck of the draw, but you can pick them too. Ultimately, you want someone you can get along with for a couple of hours and who really knows her stuff. A U.S. Ski Team development program pedigree doesn’t hurt either. And if she’s good enough for, say, Jodie Foster, even better. A member of an all-star ski clan that includes a former Olympian, Danielle Carruth is on the exceptionally good ski staff at Sun Valley Resort in Idaho and receives rave reviews from her students, who, by the way, include non­celebs too. From $350/half-day plus lift ticket;


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