Skiing in the West

Our favorite places to go skiing, from Tahoe to Telluride--plus some secret tips to take with you to the slopes

10 reasons to try skiing this season

Think skiing’s too cold, too crowded, too expensive? These solutions will have you itching to hit the slopes this season

A cozy time outdoors
Photo by Andrea Gómez Romero; written by Rachel Levin

A cozy time outdoors

The excuse: “I can’t stand the cold.”

Solution: Heated chairlifts.

We’ve been waiting for this: a warm, cushy seat, complete with a windshield, thereby eliminating the number-one complaint about skiing. No more cold cheeks! At least not at Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah, home of North America’s first heated chairlift: the Jetsons-esque Orange Bubble. Hop onto the cushion, which gets an electric burst of hot air as the chair rounds the turnstile, and pull down the shield, which gives the snow a happy orange hue. Take off your mittens. Make a phone call if you like. And dream of the day when every chair is just like this.


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