48 wonders of the West

These national monuments and other treasures will make you fall in love with the West all over again

14 national treasures in the West

These unique landscapes have been suggested for national monument status. But you don't have to wait for Washington, D.C., to decide. Here's where to go right now.

West's amazing places: Cascade Siskiyou, California

Cascade-Siskiyou, California

Think green. These mountains receive more than 50 inches of rain a year, which is why their slopes are thickly forested with conifers—perfect habitat for rare species like the Northern Spotted Owl. 

A Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument was established on the Oregon side of the border in 2000; now some environmentalist want to extend it south into California.

The most accessible portion of the existing monument is the Hyatt Lake recreation complex in Oregon.


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