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Friday workspace reboot
Photo by Laura Resen; written by Maria Finn

Friday: Bring Zen to your work den

We’ve seen enough drab office decor and cubicles to think they make for a more successful company. But Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh was ahead of the curve with his early understanding that fun workplaces are more productive. At the Henderson, Nevada–based company, employees express their funky sides by decorating in bright colors; camaraderie comes from open cubicles, high-energy conference rooms, and play—lots of mandatory play.

Kit out the workspace

Office-design experts give tips for making your office a Zen den. 

  • Tear down the walls: Open spaces encourage a flow of ideas, so set up workstations without too much segmentation dividing them.
  • Paint: Large blocks of saturated hues create lively rooms.
  • Add “write” surfaces: Chalkboards can encourage collaboration. 
  • Bring in nature: Natural lighting, plants, or bamboo tables lighten up the atmosphere. If possible, place bird feeders outside the windows.
  • Sit down: Choose ergonomic chairs, yes. But think about beanbags or chaises longues.


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