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Thursday commute
Photo by José Mandojana; written by Charyn Pfeuffer

Thursday: Reinvent the commute

It’s a mere 5 miles between Nat Hong’s home on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and his job in Bremerton—as the crow flies. But by car, his commute is 75 miles round-trip around the Olympic Peninsula. So he got creative. Hong, who is 57, bought a HydroBike. The 125-pound, propeller-driven bike with two pontoons for stability cuts his round-trip to 12 miles: 10 by land and 2 by water. “Who wants to park in slot G-14 in a dark concrete parking garage when you can do this?” Extra bonus: Hong got his fishing license and plans to pull a Rapala lure. “If I can catch salmon on my way home, that will be the culinary frosting on the cake of my commute.”

Love your drive time

If you aren’t one of the 14 million working from home and if you can’t bike, carpool, or take public transport, you can still survive time behind the wheel. Coget shares tips.

  • Take a gratitude drive: From point A to point B, recite things you’re grateful for (no repeating things!). “This increases gratitude awareness, and gratitude is an effective method of increasing happiness.”
  • Perform a random act of kindness: Like paying the toll of the person behind you.


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