Reboot your work week

Make the most of each day with a new workout routine, midweek potlucks, and more

Wednesday lunch break
Photo by Jonathan Kingston/Aurora Open; written by Rachel Levin

Wednesday: Bring back recess

Keyboard crumbs are about as depressing as a post-lunch coma from too much Mexican. Take back your hour, as Bend, Oregon, resident Cathy Sassin does. The 47-year-old nutrition counselor spends her workday “Velcroed” to the computer and talking with clients. But come lunchtime, she straps on skis and steals away for an hour of cross-country skiing. “Mind, body, and soul, it’s a huge stress reliever,” she says. “I come back to the office invigorated, and, it sounds silly, but I’m ready to take on anything.”

Play for 60 minutes

  • Get some air: Combat “nature deficiency disorder,” says happiness expert Coget, by getting a boost of nature and sunlight during lunchtime.
  • Choose your activity: No ski trails outside your office door? Take a walk, a bike ride, or a jog.


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