Jogs for dogs

Three top Salt Lake City trails to hike together


A pup's gotta run, especially in summer. My English springer spaniel, Roscoe, considers the vast open spaces that surround Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, his own private exercise grounds. Here are our three favorite destinations.

Beaver Creek Trail
Near the western edge of the Uinta Mountains, this route offers a stream to splash in and acre after acre of mountainside to roam. Towering pine and fir trees add to the ambience.

LENGTH: 8 miles one way.

LEASHES: Not required, but keep your dog under control and watch out for sections of barbed-wire fence along the way.

DIRECTIONS: From Kamas, 11 miles east of Park City via State 248, take the Mirror Lake Hwy. (State 150) east 6 miles to the trailhead parking area.

CONTACT: Kamas Ranger District (435/783-4338).

Donner-Reed/Mormon Trail
Trees, sweet-smelling sagebrush― what's a dog not to like? This aspen-lined National Historic Trail dates to 1847, when the Mormon pioneers first reached the Salt Lake Valley. Your dog won't appreciate East Canyon's rich history, but you certainly will.

LENGTH: The trail stretches for miles, but dogs are allowed only on the first 4 miles of the hike due to restrictions in the Salt Lake watershed.

LEASHES: Recommended but not required.

DIRECTIONS: From the Jeremy Ranch exit (143) on I-80, turn north and drive under the interstate to the four-way stop. Turn left, go about 200 yards, and take your first right onto Jeremy Rd., which leads about 1 mile through a subdivision to the mouth of East Canyon. Dirt-covered East Canyon Rd. runs 4 miles to Mormon Flat and the trailhead. From the parking area, cross the footbridge over East Canyon Creek to the trail.

CONTACT: Public Lands Information Center (801/466-6411).

The Pipeline Trail
Mill Creek Canyon offers a potpourri of dog-friendly trails; the Pipeline Trail is a top pick because of its level path and great views down the craggy canyon. The 0.5- mile-long connector trail up Rattlesnake Gulch is steep in places, but once on the Pipeline Trail, you can head west to a nice overlook of the Salt Lake Valley or venture east, deeper into the canyon.

LENGTH: 5.5 miles one way.

LEASHES: Mandatory on evennumbered days; optional on oddnumbered days.

DIRECTIONS: From Salt Lake City, head south on I-215; exit at 3300 South and proceed south on Wasatch Blvd. to 3800 South. Turn left onto Mill Creek Canyon; the trailhead is 11/2 miles up the road on the left side.

CONTACT: Public Lands Information Center (801/466-6411).

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