Top 8 ferry trips

Get your open-water fix, fast and cheap, from an all-day ferry trip amid breaching orcas to a 10-minute ride on California's last family-owned operation

Maui to Lanai
Photo by Dave Lauridsen; written by Lisa Trottier

45-minute sea safari: Maui to Lanai

Onboard: The best time I ever had on the water in Hawaii was on a regular ol’ water bus to Lanai, with pods of spinner dolphins leaping alongside and humpback whales breaching and spouting nearby. The ferry crosses the ‘Au‘au Channel, the warmest in Hawaii and a favorite of humpbacks from November to April.

On land: Skip the $10 shuttle and walk 10 minutes to the Manele Bay public beach, the same one Four Seasons guests pay big bucks to enjoy. $30;


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