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Denver's feisty Art District

James Boone Sandy Carson Gallery
Enjoy galleries and theater on
lively Santa Fe Drive

Priced out of LoDo during the early-'90s boom, many art galleries landed along Santa Fe Drive, the core of Denver's Latino community. Today the Art District on Santa Fe mixes galleries, a museum, a theater, and restaurants between Fifth and 10th Avenues, where thousands flock to each month's festive First Friday Art Walks (next event 6-9 Oct 7; or 303/ 574-0040).

At Artists on Santa Fe (closed Sun; 747 Santa Fe Dr.; or 303/573-5903), view diverse works by 13 resident artists, then visit individual studio workshops for a more intimate experience at the gallery co-op. Nearby, the contemporary Sandy Carson Gallery (closed Sun-Mon; 760 Santa Fe Dr.; or 303/573-8585) exhibits fresh talent through tapestries, photography, and other media.



Round out the visit by exploring the Planet Colombia exhibit at Museo de las Américas (closed Mon; $4, $3 students, ages 13 and under free; 861 Santa Fe Dr.; or 303/571-4401), the Rocky Mountains' premier museum of Latino and indigenous American artistry. Or cap it off with a popular play at the New Denver Civic Theatre (performances Tue-Sun; tickets from $25; 721 Santa Fe Dr.; or 303/309-3773).