Day 3

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All through lunch at the on-site Big Air Grill, I worked on my mom. "C'mon, when is another time you'll get to try the aerial bungee?" I took her outside to watch the jumpers practicing flips and turns on the water ramp, then had to practically drag her down the hill to the bungee station. Finally, I threatened: "I won't go on anymore trips with you unless you at least try it."

She was still looking for an out. "Are you sure you're allowed to let old ladies like me do this?" my mother asked the young worker as she hooked us up to harnesses and strings. "Sure. I've had lots of people even older than you try it," the girl said.

Once strapped in and made lightweight by the elastic bands, we started jumping. It was a little like being weightless. We bounced up to 10 feet in the air, catching a glimpse of the mountain peaks and landing on a cushy inflated mattress to spring up in the air again. For a minute, I felt like a kid jumping on one of those inflated castles that used to be all the rage―but now I was jumping a lot higher. And getting a better view. I somersaulted and backflipped. It was breathtaking, literally―after about 10 minutes, we were both panting.

As we walked away, catching our breath, my mom sighed. "What?" I asked.

"I want to go back," Mom said. "I should have done a flip."

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