Day 3

Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park

Dan Campbell

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Olympic bungee

Mom slept in, but I skipped out before breakfast for a hike up Treasure Hill. I met up with some dog walkers, but mostly I had the trail to myself. As I climbed above the little valley of Park City, the clear mountain air made the golden aspens sparkle.

After more tea and toast, we headed out to Utah Olympic Park. Built for the 2002 Winter Olympics, the complex sits high on a hill 5 miles northwest of town. We'd picked up a coupon for a free guided tour (normally $2) at the park's Alf Engen Ski Museum. "And look," I squealed at my mom, "we can try the aerial bungee!" I imagined us doing flips in the air. She gave me one of those killer mom looks that said, "No way. Not ever. No discussion needed."

On the guided bus tour, we gained new appreciation for Olympic downhill ski jumpers: Those hills are high! The Olympic Park's jump sites are―at 7,310 feet above sea level―the highest in the world. We watched athletes practicing on watered-down slopes, and our guide said most jumpers retire by the age of 20, because by that ripe age their joints can't take the stress anymore. Yowch.



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